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About Thailand

Temple Decorations Inside A Thai TempleTemple Decorations Inside A Thai Temple

About 15 years ago started in Thailand a lasting real estate boom, which was most of all marked by the yearly increasing requests of foreigners. On top of the wish list were cheap holiday homes and apartments in holiday locations at the beach. The demand was higher than the supply; as good as every offer was sold by itself. This positive trend was supported by a massive national request, due to a positive economic development, also more Thais were able to buy new houses and even the Asian crisis 10 years ago, could only pause the booming real estate market for a short time.

The world has become much smaller now. Today Thailand doesn't feel far away, for most Europeans is Thailand feeling wise as far as Spain 10 years ago. Thailand isn't just a holiday destination, it has already become a home for many foreigners. Given this, increases the need for bigger houses, more comfort and infrastructure. Even if the financial crisis put many potential buyers in waiting position, is still a substantially demand present. However, the changed customer needs and the broad range of new properties, caused that the real estate market today is dominated by the buyers.

On the list of the world's most favorite countries will Thailand also in the future continue to be on the first places. There is no serious competition in sight, and wealthy customers from other countries just started to discover Thailand for themselves. For Indian, Chinese, Arab, Japanese or Korean people is Thailand not far and has a lot to offer. Although the financial crisis is not over yet, is it already possible to see that the request for properties increases again. The important question for the future is, if Thailand and the project owners are able to fulfill the increasing needs of the potential buyers. Only developers who know the wishes of the potential buyers, have a professional marketing internationally wide, and offer an extensive customer service, are able to last on the real estate market long- term.

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Property in Thailand
Owning a house in Thailand is a dream come true, and mostly easier to fulfill than many people think. A lovely holiday home starts at 40,000 Euro and a fantastic pool villa can already be yours with only 200,000 Euro. Foreigners are allowed to own condos and houses, the landownership could simply be solved by a long term lease or registering it in a Thai company. Actually, there are several ways for foreigners to secure their properties, the best solution just depends on the situation of each individual person. However, purchasing properties from taxi drivers or hotel staff is not the way to go. Property purchases should also in Thailand be only managed through specialists.

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Holiday Homes / Apartments for rent
If you plan to spend more time in Thailand, a rental home or an apartment could be an interesting alternative to hotels. Not only that the price can be very attractive, you can also get the privacy and independence, which is mostly missing in a hotel. On Siam Property's website, you will find a wide range of rental properties, from low priced to luxurious. After choosing the right property, you can directly book it through our on-line booking system. After arriving in Thailand, Siam Property then checks you in and out, and if you wish, arranges other services, like transportation, cleaning service, golf tours, etc. The minimum rental period for apartments is 2 weeks and 4 weeks for villas.

Siam Property, Let Us Guide You!
It is no longer a secret, that Thailand has become one of the best places to live. However, a lot of foreigners still have the impression that it could be very complicated to organize the daily live in Thailand. Living in Thailand is quite easy, and if you are a bit scared about things like Visa, Work permit, Health insurance, buying or renting a property, You are not alone. Let Us Guide You! Being property specialists with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, we can provide the needed background to support and guide foreigners in Thailand. You only have to book the flight and relax, as we say here Sabai Sabai.

Living and working in Thailand
Asia is booming and Thailand is one of the countries which is economically ahead. Income and purchasing power are rising, high-end products and qualified services are appreciated as shown by the sales figures of Siemens, BMW and Mercedes Benz in Thailand. There was a time when America was the land of possibilities, Today, Thailand is. People who know how to organize things and solve tasks, are able to reach everything in Thailand. However, the real challenge is to make use of economical possibilities and to appreciate the relaxing lifestyle of the land of smiles.

Investing in Thailand
Thailand offers a wide range of possibilities to people who have already earned some funds and are now looking for a good investment. Depending on the investment strategie, long term or short term and the character, konservative or agressive, investments are available from land banking, to real estate, from agricuture to teakplanatations, or investments in projects, or innovative technologies. Based on our own research, Siam Property can offer interesting investment oprtunities in the real estate business and contacts to established specialists who are able to offer individual Investment stategies.

Spending the "Golden Years" in Thailand
A retirement in Thailand comes with a lot of positive factors, great weather, friendly people and simply the relaxing lifestyle in a tropical paradise. However, the strongest point, next to the quality of living, are still the low living expenses. The purchasing power of a standard European pension, is in Thailand worth 3 times more. The medical service is excellent and even 24 hour nursing is a payable amount. In Thailand people usualy have a great respect for older people, which is also an important part of the higher quality of living. There are already projects which focus on the needs of older people. We would happily assist you regarding retirement and recommend the suitable projects.